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Touch Control Glass 3 RGB DMX (by Sunlite)


The PROLED TOUCH CONTROL GLASS 3 (by Sunlite) is a RGB DMX touch controller, designed for wall mounting.

It can be programmed individually by PROLED Stand Alone software or by PROLED PRO Stand Alone software. Using PROLED PRO Stand Alone software you can program up to 10 zones. It can be connected with an ethernet cable to a WLAN router. Via the WLAN router the TOUCH CONTROL GLASS 3 can be now remote controlled by smartphone (iOS / Android).

  • Top class design and performance
  • Sensitive glass touch control panel
  • touch sensitive buttons
  • incl. Mini SD-memory
  • Unlimited virtual capacity
  • preprogrammed scenes can be dimmed
  • speed of preprogrammed scenes can be modified
  • the colour can be easily selected
  • 2x 512 DMX OUTPUT channels
  • Inbuilt clock and calendar
  • Micro USB port
  • incl. PROLED Stand Alone Software and PROLED PRO Stand Alone software
  • incl. power supply

Software PROLED Stand Alone Software (by Sunlite)131.2 MB

Version December 2018

Software PROLED PRO ZONE Software (by Sunlite)301.7 MB

Version October 2018

Software PROLED Stand Alone 2 Software - Windows (by Sunlite)481.8 MB

Version October 2019

PROLED TOUCH CONTROL GLASS 3 RGB DMX Manual3.6 MB5 years warranty information

Technical Data

Dimension (w x d x h):

106 x 12 x 146 mm (depth incl. terminal block 26 mm)


0,25 kg

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