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USM (Universal Sensor Module)

In combination of the PROLED USM (UNIVERSAL SENSOR MODULE) and the PROLED Touch Controllers LCD RGB DMX it is possible to connect different sensors and switches, to expand the possibilities of controlling the connected LED products.

  • expansion unit for PROLED Touch Controllers LCD RGB DMX
  • 4 inputs for PROLED IR/RF MODULE
  • 8 input ports (floating contacts for any kind of switches)
  • 2 sensor inputs
  • DMX 512-A / RDM compatible

The USM expands the PROLED Touch Controllers LCD RGB DMX with the following features:

  • programs or scenes start and stop with movement sensor
  • temperature values can be shown on the LCD screen
  • controlling with IR/RF remote control
  • programs or scenes can be controlled with standard light switch
  • compatible with future PROLED sensors

PROLED USM Manual264.5 KB5 years warranty information

Technical Data

Dimension (w x d x h):

126 x 81 x 29 mm


0,33 kg


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