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Flex Strip Digital 60 SEG-12


The PROLED FLEX STRIPS DIGITAL are perfect for pixel applications. With the DiGidot C4 Live or DiGidot C4 Extended controller each segment can be controlled individually.

  • Each segment is digital controllable (WS2813). 3 LEDs per pixel.
  • Double data line. By failure of one segment, the data will be passed to the next segment.
  • 3 colours in one LED, therefore 100% smooth colour mixing.
  • High flexibility – adaptable to round shapes.
  • Installation with 3M adhesive tape on the strip’s backside (self adhesive).

PROLED FLEX STRIP IP20+IP53+IP68 Manual1.6 MBEULUMDAT/IES informationORDER EXAMPLE SPECIAL LENGTHS5 years warranty information

Technical Data

IP classification:


Power source:

12 VDC

Electrical connection:

1x cable with 4-PIN to open wires

Maximum quantity per power input:

5 m

Average lifetime*:

50.000 h at L80/B10

Operating temperature range:

-10° C till +45° C

Width x height:

10 x 2,5 mm


all 3 LEDs (5 cm)

*With correct installation and a suitable thermal management.

Photometric Data

LED type:

SMD RGB 3-in-1 LEDs

Luminous flux:

red 120 Lumen per m

green 280 Lumen per m

blue 60 Lumen per m

r+g+b (white) 460 Lumen per m

Wave length:

red 620 nm

green 525 nm

blue 470 nm

Beam angle:


Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

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