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Flex Tubes

Flex Tube Flat Digital RGBW


The PROLED FLEX TUBE PRO DIGITAL RGBW is an innovative LED product for linear pixel applications. With the DiGidot C4 controllers (DiGidot C4 Live / DiGidot C4 Extended) each segment (7 LEDs = 1 pixel) can be controlled individually. The FLEX TUBE has cutting signs printed on for an easy cutting to the required length. Installation is quite easy. Due to the high flexibility and pliability various shapes and designs are possible. With an operating voltage of 24 VDC and the protection rating IP67 FLEX TUBE is absolutely safe for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Digital controllable (UCS2904 ICs)
  • When used indoors (constant temperature) by dynamic programming up to 10 m with a single power supply line. Up to 20 m with power supply lines on both ends from same power supply. With static full load up to 5 m with a single power supply line, up to 10 m with power supply lines on both ends.
  • When used outdoors (because of temperature fluctuations and different thermal expansion coefficients of the materials), max. 7 m.


Operation Instruction FLEX TUBES

EULUMDAT/IES information

Technical Data

IP classification:

IP67 (for outdoor use)

Power source:

24 VDC

Electrical connection:


Maximum quantity per power input:

indoor (constant temperature):

dynamic programming 10 m (single end), 20 m (both ends)

static full load 5 m (single end), 10 m (both ends)


outdoor (because of temperature fluctuations and different thermal expansion coefficients of the materials):

max. 7 m

Average lifetime:

50.000 h at L80/B10

Operating temperature range:

-20° C till +45° C

Length per roll:

50 m

Photometric Data

LED type:

SMD RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs

Luminous flux:

red 70 Lumen per m

green 160 Lumen per m

blue 30 Lumen per m

neutral white 170 Lumen per m

r+g+b (white) 410 Lumen per m

Wave length:

red 620 nm

green 525 nm

blue 470 nm

Colour temperature:

4000 K

Beam angle:


Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

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